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The 1906 Diesel Power Plant reconstruction


The project of historical diesel power plant represents a real technical & industrial heritage. The powerplant is situated in the spa city of Pieštany - Slovakia.

However, current machinery room is now empty (diesel engines were removed shortly after WW2).

This space is now used mainly for live concerts and exhibitions. People who are not familiar with the history of this building couldn't imagine how does the building looked like many years ago.

Therefore the client wanted to present the historical diesel engines and real meaning of the building by remaking the authentic look with the machinery room in service .

So to achieve the authenticity, we started to collect references of the power plant and engines from the diesel era.

From many plans, drafts, sketches, blueprints, 3d scans of similar engines and diesel power plants we were able to remake 
the interior & the engines and make it look like it was in the beggining of the service - the year 1906.

The engines were modeled from scratch, animated, optimized for UE and installed in the original machine room. 
You can enjoy a video output, some high rez screenshots aswell as VR scene on Oculus or HTC Vive*.


Models & animations : 3ds Max

UV´s : UvLayout

Textured : Quixel NDO, DDO, Substance Painter & Designer

Other software used : Xnormal, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, 3d Coat, Marmoset Toolbag

Scene runs in Unreal Engine,

VR version compatible with HTC Vive

Some models are from UE marketplace & Turbosquid, check YT credits for more info.

Some textures are from,

* please note that the VR scene is not freely available yet as it is still a project for the client.

   However you can try it on exhibitions and presentations that we provide.


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